How Insculpt Art came to be…
Creativity has always been part of what I do. My background has been working with inner city children in schools, painting/creating sets for their stage performances/events and interacting with them on a creative level to make them the best they can be. It was only natural that the same inspiration I instilled in them became my inspiration to visualise other projects.

Canvas work using chalk and acrylics was how I started my folio of work. Landscapes and solitary figures were what inspired me then and you can see this in my works 'Graphite Boy' and 'Arab Hold'.

Our societies obsession of the celebrity culture started to fascinate me, as it did great artists such as Warhol and cult icons started to become the focus of my work. I wanted to produce something quite unique that involved something more 3-dimensional, that offered something more tactile at the same time. This is how my insulptures came to be. Art carved into wood canvases with fine tools. Once this idea was born, insculptures such as that of Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Ché Guevara, Jackie Chan, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Monroe and Eric Clapton took shape quite quickly.

I am developing creative ideas to stretch these concepts even further (eg. with UV light) so that they become more original in concept. The hope and dream is to be further commissioned for larger scaled pieces of work - something that has more impact on every level and has a real affect on people.